The sawmill has three completely automated production lines, one line to small logs, one to logs with less than 65 cm of diameter, and another one for big logs, which the wood goes to once it has been sorted, and depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the timber and the products that are to be made, it is processed on one line or the other. The automated lines carry out the whole sawing process, including stacking and treatment against blue stains.

The end products are used mostly for carpentry, construction and packaging and the range of raw materials that can be dealt with varies from lengths of 1,80 metres up to 6 metres, and diameters of between 110 mm and over 1000 mm; in this way practically any size normally required by the market, either in terms of length or of thickness, can be obtained.

At present the raw material capacity of the sawmill is over 500.000 m3 per year.

Min order to ensure the correct functioning of all the modern equipment and premises, Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. has its own maintenance equipment, wich is preventive as well as corrective, and operates across the whole company.

This workshop has the staff and equipment necessary for the repair of all the different vehicules, both internal and external, as well as the mechanical and electrical repair of all the machinery in the sawmill.

One particularly fundamental task of the Maintenance Department is the preparation of cutting tools. This is carried out using modern machinery which is constantly updated, and adapted for analysis as well as repair of the cutting tools needed in the sawmill, whether it is a question of discs, belts, etc…