Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. has a modern fleet of more than 100 lorries, specialy adapted for transporting all types of products, including lorries equipped with forestry cranes, tubs with walking floors, Tauliners, and special platforms for forestry transport.

In the area of international logistics, Maderas Jose Saiz, SL has extensive experience in the distribution of its products by sea and road.

As far as road transport is concerned, Maderas José Sáiz, S.L. has its own Navigation and Fleet Management System using GPS which allows the optimization of load management and journeys undertaken, as well as being able to know in real time the position of vehicles and their availability. All of this, and the location near the Santander port (35 km), ensures that our logistics are efficient and at the same time we can cover our own needs as well as serving other companies.